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Posted by The Hunter New Announcement: ShockWave Version 1.2 Released 16th March 2016

Yes Generals, the long-awaited moment is finally here. The 11th anniversary of C&C Shockwave is upon us, and with that, the release of our Anniversary patch.

11 years ago on this date, The_Hunter released C&C Shockwave 0.8 to the public. At the time, it was a simple balance patch with a couple of new units. It has significantly grown since then to become more than that, but still contains the fast paced gameplay we love from the original Zero Hour. And now, a new version dawns on us, in a new era of the C&C community. On behalf of the SWR team, The_Hunter, and myself, we thank you for your support throughout the years and welcome many more exciting years to come. We will continue to support the Shockwave community for the forseeable future, and will continue to make patches to balance the game, fix bugs, and maybe even add a few surprises along the way.


Do note that this is a full version, and you should uninstall 1.1 before installing this. Also note that we haven't tested this with the General's Challenges, which will be entirely reworked in a future patch.
Also, we will not be providing a no-installer/Mac release for this version. (due to a limitation of the Mac release of the game it will crash consistently)

Also check out Hecthor Doomhammer's release streams on Friday at 19:00 UTC and Sunday at 14:00 UTC. Look for games being hosted by Hecthor Doomhammer himself during those times if you wish to be on the stream. :)
See you on the battlefield!

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