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Posted by The Hunter New Announcement: The Storm is here! 16th March 2011

I'm not a man of alot of words but i'll keep it short and simple:
Today is my birthday and i will celebrate that with one final releaseof ShockWave before i will stop working on this project :)

As added bonus i'v made some promotional images for all of you.
What they are i'll leave up to your own guessing as you'll be seeing these on the battlefield aftery ou finnished downloading and installing the mod.

that's all hope you all enjoy the mod all donwloads can be found by clicking on the image above.
Incase you wish to know what changes the mod provides you can find a complete list of changes here
Aside of the main mod download we also have:

- A unsupported no-installer release which should be usable for mac users (NOTE THIS VERSION IS NOT SUPPORTED AND WILL NOT PROVIDE HELP HOW TO USE THIS)
- A map pack including more than 60 costum maps all compatible with the new AI for ShockWave.
- A tutorial on how to make maps compatible with ShockWave.
- A re-release of the classic shellmap from ShockWave 0.93 reworked for 1.1 which can be installed as a option.
Posted by The Hunter Mod news: 1.1 Visual Update 23rd February 2011
Hello everyone!

Today we have a small vissual update on some new graphics and designs for existing units aswell as a few (partialy) new ones:

First of is the F/B-22 with a shiney new model.
In our previous update we explained that the Drone bombers will be replacing the Generals power airstrike but the F/B-22 will remain ingame as a buildable bomber.
This new F/B-22 will be replacing the aurora bomber for General Townes and drops a laser guided bomb that can be upgraded to become a bunker buster.

Next is our Tornado Bomber which will be replacing the B-1 Lancer and otherwise function entirely the same.
The wings on this plane will fold out when taking off in the same manner as the B-1 Lancer in 1.0 allready does.

And last but not least is our newly designed Laser Stealth Fighter.
Unlike what the name suggested the stealth fighter does not use laser weapons but is instead armed with 2 fully rotatable autocannons that deploy from the sides when it is ordered to attack.

That's it for today stay tuned for more updates coming very soon!
Posted by The Hunter New Announcement: Update on development. 27th November 2010
Hello everyone,

We've been receiving many positive feedback from all of you sofar altho a lot of problems have also been reported.
Most of these problems are coused by newer operating systems (vista/win7) due to how some settings work in these operation systems.

I would like to announce to everyone that we have switched to new software for enabling/launching the mod which should resolve most of these problems and it will be released within a fairly short time frame allong with some other new features.

Once this version is completed we will also release a version that should be usable by MAC users.

Here are some details what this new version would also include:

-Added all maps that went missing from the jump between 0.951 to 1.0
-Added Special Map Tags to indicate which maps are from Zerohour and which are new/modified Shockwave maps
-Added all classic edition maps from Generals (the Zerohour versions were drasticly altered)
-Emergency Aid wil now properly repair/heal ground units
-Added New Tomahawk Models for both Regulair and Plasma
-Tomahawks will now show a laser from their turret when firing a waypoint guided missile
-Toxin Anti Tank Guns now display the Anthrax Gamma upgrade icon on the commandbar
-Chinese mines now properly play show their detonation effects when triggered
-Demo Bikes now properly show the terrorist model when paradropped on a reinforcements pad
-Added New Advanced Microwave Tank Model
-Devastator no longer shows "this upgrade has allready been purchased" on the self destruct button once activated
-Infantry General Warfactory now properly displays the repair crane again
-Scrap Yards can now place rally points
-Salvage Airpad can now set rally points

Posted by The Hunter Mod news: ShockWave 1.0 Released 24th November 2010

After about five years of working on this project, I am proud to announce that ShockWave has finally matured to a stage where it is no longer considered a public beta but a full version.
Over the past few weeks, I have been working extra hard to provide all of you with a playing experience surpassing any previous version with a lot of new content, cosmetic improvements and other tweaks.

Now let us show you some of the things we have saved up for you.

First of all, unique Command Centers for all generals:

(note that these pics were taken before the new dozers/workers were made)

Secondly, to go with these specific Command Centers, each general now has his own distinct builder unit:

Since I cannot slap a general's logo on a Worker, we have done something entirely different for them:

(note that all of these are shown with the worker shoes upgrade)

Top: Deathstrike's worker and pics from its construction animation
Mid Left: Thrax's worker with oxygen mask and fitting air tank
Mid Right: Kassad's worker dressed up like a civilian (to blend in)
Bottom: Juhziz's worker with explosive pack and helmet

But wait, that's not all!
Full high-resolution DVD covers in 5 different flavours:

And last but not least (the thing most of you will likely skip to instantly), the mod release itself:

If you enjoy what you see, I would also like to ask you to give us a vote for this year's MOTY awards at
It has been a long way to this point after all.

With all that said, I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who supported me throughout the many years I have been working on this project.
This would not have been possible without the help all you guys have provided.

Enjoy this final version of ShockWave, everyone!

The_Hunter and the rest of SWR Productions
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